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Privacy Policy

Dissertations Online ensures the anonymous position of the clients as we have a clear Privacy Policy. If you avail any of our services, your document will be well protected and you will get the best quality service at the same time..

It is highly recommended by Dissertations Online that before placing an order, you must read all of our Privacy Policies. You can also contact us anytime, if any of our policies is not cleared. But once the order has been placed, it will be considered that you read and agreed with all our Policies listed here.

  • Client’s Information:
    Client’s user name, password and email address is routinely required to safeguard all the personal and user information of the client.
  • Safeguard of Client’s Information:
    We follow the rules of Data Protection Law that no information of the client be provided to anyone except the Law.
  • Website Cookies:
    We use cookies to store information such as IP address and viewed content, to provide better customer experience for visitors.
  • Our Reliable Services:
    Customers can utilise any of our services according to their need, which are displayed on our official web page. However, we will notify our customers regarding other services and notices through SMS, phone call, fax or email.
  • Access to Confidential Information:
    We follow the rules of Data Protection Law and no information of a client is provided to anyone except the Law. However, clients can get an access of their own information or personal records and data after providing further confidential information that will grant the access of them on their data. They can begin this process by sending an email to the Legal Department.

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